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2015-05-20 12:49:58 by INFINITYMUSICPROJECT

For anybody recieving this transmission.. I'm not dead. I went through some rough patches over the last few years and am finally making music again. Unfortunately, I won't be posting any new music to newgrounds. In 2013 I realeased an album under my "Project Xero" alias. It's less industrial and more poppy. Feel free to check it out and as always, download for free. My goal isn't to profit on music.

The future of infinity

I've been struggling a lot to hold onto one alias. I have Project Xero for my trancy experimental techno crap. And INFINITY for straight up random dark stuff. From here on out though, I will be abandoning the INFINITY title. I have a new name for future music that mixes both Project Xero and INFINITY. The project will be called..


"Thinking About You Underwater"

I will be releasing an abum in 2016 (vocals and all). What you see on the page are all demos.

Thank you all for your love and support.

Take care,



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2015-05-23 12:26:04

This is great news! Dude, would you let me use some of your songs for a YouTube video I'm currently editing? Also, would you be okay with me monetizing the video? If so, please let me know what you'd like to be credited as and what links you'd like for me to provide to your work.